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These wood menu covers are made from teak wood, a little bit of glue, leather and brass screw and post bolts. The result is what we consider to be true solid wood menus covers a product line only produced by P30 Hospitality Products. Choose from squared or rounded corners for your menus and select a wood stain color that will accent your decor. Printed pages may be bound with the brass screw and post bolts directly into the menus or if you prefer we offer vinyl inserts so that printed pages may be dropped in.
A popular method to customize our solid wood restaurant menu covers is though laser engraving. Though the use of laser engraving any picture or design may be placed on the front and or back of the menus in mono-chromatic color. Wood Menus may be ordered with a glossy or flat top coat and maintenance of the wood is as simple as a bi monthly dusting with a wood polish.
In addition to menu covers these designs may be made into binders, check books, and note pads.
Solid Wood Menu Cover with Rounded Corners
button to take guest to larger picture of wood menu cover
Menu Cover
Sample With Round Corners

Wood Menu Cover stain color options 1
Dark wood restaurant menu cover with square corners
Menu Cover
Sample With Square Corners

Restaurant Menu Cover Wood Color Stain Chart number two
 1 View $19.70 $22.48
 2 View $25.24 $29.60
 1 and Two 1/2 View $25.80 $30.36
 2 and one 1/2 View $31.13 $36.17
 3 View $31.26 $36.48
 4 View $32.87 $38.19
 6 View $36.29 $42.37
 Book Style Menus $29.13 $34.17
 3 Fold 6 View 1/2 Letter $31.48
 3 Fold 6 View 1/2 Legal $37.04
 Check presenter $20.51
 2 View 1/2 Letter $20.11
 2 View 1/2 Legal $22.99
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