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As restaurant owners, chefs and dining room managers strive to produce new and exciting themes tastes and experiences P30 works to design menu covers and hospitality items to accent their hard work.
P30 takes custom hospitality and marketing product production to a new level though the use of natural materials, skilled labor and a dedicated design staff..

Our Customers Include:
Applied Graphics - USA
Bamboo Restaurant - Philadelphia 
Bayer - USA
Bijurocha - Portugal & Spain
Blue Cross of Californai - USA
Calypso -Crested Butte Colorado
Carmel Plaza - California
CCA Limited - Canouan Island St Vincent & Grenadines
Chimcuries - Texas
Chrysler - USA
Cili Restaurant - Las Vegas Nevada
Coldwell Banker Island Properties 
Coral Reef Club - Barbados
COX Communications - USA 
Durango Mountain Resort - Colorado
Edgewater Systems - USA
Ernst & Young- USA
Fairmont Orchid Hotel - Hawaii
Farmhouse - Pittsburgh, PA 
Feast Restaurant - Tucson Arizona 
Gaffer Grill and Taproom
General Electic - USA
H.J.V. Company Limited - Grand Bahama
Habitat for Humanity 
Hewlett-Packard- USA
Hillton Corp
Hotel Sedona
Huber+Suhner- USA
Hukilau Lanai - Hawaii
Info Graphic - Hawaii
Innerworkings Co - USA
Interculture Art Inc - Japan
Island Oasis - USA
Maitai Restaurants - USA
Manly Wharf Hotel - Australia
Meridian Capital Group
Miki Mo's - New York
Milesonte Media 
Minhasa Lagon 
Network Data Ltd- USA
Novartis- USA
Pacific Island Club - Saipan
Palm Beach Yatt Club - Florida
Ronald Regan Foundation 
Round Hill Hotel and Villas - Jamacia 
Royal Kona Resort - Hawaii
Shangrila Hotel
Sharkeys Restaurants - Canada 
SPRING Marketing + Design, Inc - USA
Tao - Las Vegas
The Drum Cafe - Germany, USA, Australia, Africa, UK
The Walters Group
Trump Villas
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

“The first thing that a guest is usually given in a restaurant is a menu. Even before they have had a chance to review the choices they touch and see the menu cover. I worked in the Hotel Restaurant business for years working hard to produce great tastes and experiences yet the first thing that I was giving my patrons was an artificial leather menu cover. If so much time and effort was given to menu design, food flavoring, wine matching and décor design, why was the first thing my customers felt a meaningless book cover? P30 menus are designed to enhance what restaurant owners, chefs and managers work so hard to produce.”custom design restauran wine menus and dinner menu by Chris Hayashi

The samples that are featured on our web site are just examples. Most of our menu covers are custom productions where our designers work directly with you to produce a product that will match your properties look and menu needs.

Restaurants and Bars thrive on being Fresh and New
We feel that it is in the best interest of our customers to not post pictures of their custom orders on the web or in our hard copy catalogues and brochures.  This policy may hurt our sales in the short term but our dedication to the customers that we have brings them back time and time again which insures the long term success of our company.

P30 is owned and operated by PT Bali Global Indonesia and Art Export USA. Since 2000 Art Export has been producing custom wine and food related items for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars around the world.

The PT Bali Global group has been guided in the production of hospitality related items by its founder Christopher Hayashi and his 20 years of experience in the United States Hotel and Restaurant industry.

Utilizing the wide variety of raw materials in Indonesia and custom imported components P30 consistently produces a wide variety or high quality, unique and affordable products.


A Menu Cover is used to either protect or decorate a list of wine or dishes that are available for a meal, or a set of services available. In most cases hospitality menu covers are printed onto paper that often needs to be protected from stains and or wear by the use of an external cover. In other cases were the menu is printed on paper and it not to be used for extended periods of time the printer may decorate the external cover of the menu with a design, picture or motif to hide the blank paper.

Throughout history the Hospitality industry has been using menu covers in many forms. The earlier forms of menu covers were simple printed paper with the list of dishes available on the internal leaves and then a decoration was printed onto the front and back. Over time the paper menus have evolved into numerous varieties of decorative and protective coverings that printed pages are either fixed or temporarily bound into.

Undoubtedly P30 Hospitality Products produces the most innovative menu covers in the world. Please review our selections and see for yourself! If you don't like or see what you are looking for email us at p@p30.com and we will design a menu cover to meet your requirements.

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