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Although most of our menu covers are used in the Hospitality Industries; restaurants, bars, hotels, recreation departments, and spas we also provide menu covers to the marketing, advertising, promotion and sales industries.

ach of the following menu cover pictures and descriptions is a link to a corresponding index page with additional selections. Our restaurant menu cover series feature unique materials that are available in multiple colors and designs.  We are able to produce our menu covers to accommodate any paper size and we have numerous binding options and add-on components to choose from.

If you are not able to find menu covers that are perfect for your property or project please contact us and we will do all that we can to accommodate your request.  All of our products are customizable and our restaurant menu cover design team is here to help.

Restaurant  Menu Covers hand made from real bamboo Bamboo Menu Covers
Wide pieces of cut Bamboo that are arranged into designs and accented with color or burning techniques.
Strip Bamboo Menu Covers good for bar Strip Bamboo Menu Covers
Narrow strips of Bamboo that are woven together and either left in a natural color or dyed.
Woven Bamboo Menu Covers black and white motif Woven Bamboo Menu Covers
Thin ribbons of Bamboo, hand woven into designs.
Rattan Menu Covers - black Rattan Menu Covers
Split Rattan Palm arranged and or woven into designs.
Inlay Menu Covers mother of pearl and other inlay materials Inlay Menu Covers
Hand cut and set in resin Shell, Coral, Coconut, Bamboo, and Cinnamon
Wicker Wicker Menu Covers
Fine Balinese Rattan, hand woven and either colored or smoke finished.
Recycled Pape Recycled Paper Menu Covers
100% Recycled Paper made by traditional hand dip method.
Hand Painted made to order on canvas Hand Painted Menu Covers
Hand painted oil based works of art on cotton canvas.
Spunbond Spunbond Menu Covers
Non woven micro fiber matting
Debok Debok Menus
Specialty natural paper made from banana tree trunk.
Woven Papyrus Woven Papyrus Menus
Hand spun and woven Papyrus
Papyrus Papyrus Menus
Stripped and hand woven Papyrus
Woven Water Hyacinth Menus all natural Woven Water Hyacinth Menus
Hand woven Water Hyacinth strips
Water Hyacinth Menus Water Hyacinth Menus
Hand woven Water Hyacinth Pith
Pandanus Menus Pandanus Menus
Hand woven Pandanus leaves, great for Restaurant Menu Covers.
Blongsong Blongsong Menus
Specialty hand woven Pandanus material
Pakis Pakis Menus
Very unique material made from Tree Fern Bark
Kapok Kapok Menus
Soft woven material from the Kapok flower also known as the Silk Cotton Tree
Palm Palm Menus
Hand woven Palm leaves
Leaf Leaf Menus
Tropical leaves, pods, and banana plant materials.
Art Art Menus
3 Dimensional works of art or handy craft including but not limited to Wood Carvings, Miniatures, Paintings, Cast Metal and Resin.

Bar Menu Cover "martini glass" shown to the left.
Bark Bark Menus
Special processed Eucalyptus bark
Wood Wood Menus
Wood Covers with leather binding.
Wood Mosaic Wood Mosaic Menus
Mosaics made from hand cut, colored, and set pieces of wood.
Batik Batik Menus
Traditional Cap or hand painted Batik material

Produce one of a kind custom menu covers in Batik material and order matching garments, linens, and uniforms to match.
Textile Textile Menus
Linen, Cotton, or Rayon materials used to create hand turned and set mosaic patterns. Solid color turned menus are also available.
Burlap Burlap Menus
Recycled Burlap bags in available in natural, solid color, or batik dyed patterns.

Order a custom menu cover in burlap using your logo or motif.

Once you have chosen a menu cover series and model you may want to review the following pages

Page Views - Diagrams showing different page layout options.

Binding  - Diagrams showing different ways that printed pages can be bound into the menus.

Logo Application - Samples of available logo applications.

Components - A selection of the common components that are used in our products.