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P30 Hospitality Products, producer of, Menu Covers, Placemats, Napkin Rings, Coasters, Signage, Table Tents and Custom Artwork.

P30 specializes in the producing high quality hospitality products at reasonable prices. All of our products can be customized to meet your needs, a process that is simple as we produce all of our own products..

Menu Covers made to order to meet your requirements and accent your décor. We have thousands of designs to choose from.. P30 and its parent company PT Bali Global have been servicing the hospitality industry since 1999.

P30 Menu Covers, Restaurant Menu Covers, Hotel Menus, Bar Menus, Spa menu covers             P30 Hospitality Products Table Tents in teak mahogany sono ebony and bamboo

Restaurant Menu Covers
We offer thousands of different menu cover options from standard two view menus to one of a kind works of art.
By simply using the best materials and skilled labor in conjunction with employees that take great pride in their work we are able to produce some of the finest menu covers in the world!
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Table Tents / Table Top Displays
Our Table Tents are produce from Solid Wood and can display from one to twenty printed pages or advertiements.
We offer a variety of wood options including teak, mahogany, pine and other specialty hard and soft wood varieties.
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Menu Covers Placemats Coasters

An example of our menu covers this specific menu cover is hand painted on canvas.

P30 Hospitality Products Placemat, produced to match with our menu covers in any size required.

P30 Hospitality Products Coasters, can be produced to match our covers

Shown above is a sample of a custom menu cover. This Hand Painted menu shows Mt Rainier in the Spring. To produce these menu covers our client supplied us with a photograph and our painters hand painted it onto a canvas menu cover.
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Our placemats come in many different designs, materials and colors. If you have a specific shape, size or design that you need please let us know and we will do all that we can to produce the required products.
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Our coasters are designed to look good and last under heavy restaurant use. Select from a natural material, wood or textile options. Shown above is a custom textile placemat and coaster set with the P30 logo. If you would like your logo placed on a product please let us know.
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Napkin Rings Table Tents Signage

P30 Hospitality Products Napkin Rings, can be matched to our pearl covers, napkin

Table Tents, finished to match our wood covers, menu display

P30 Hospitality Products Signs and Signage custom signage in wood carved wood or stone

P30 makes a variety of napkin rings in shell, wood, silver and woven materials.
Shown above is a paua shell napkin ring set in sterling silver.
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Our Table Tents are produce from Solid Wood and come with or without Acrylic Glass inserts.
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Custom Signs for Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Resort or Ship.
Stone Signs, Wood Signs, Painted Signs, Laser Engraved Signs, Hand Carved Signs.
View Samples Of Custom Signage >

View our Menu Cover Selection by using this link or select a specific series from the list below.

Art Menu Covers
Bark Menu Covers
Batik Menu Covers
Blongsong Menus
Burlap Menu Covers
Debok Menu Covers
Hand Painted Menus
Inlay Menu Covers
Kapok Menu Coverk
Leaf Menu Covers
Pakis Menu Covers
Palm Menu Covers
Pandanus Menus
Recycled Paper
Papyrus Menu Covers
Rattan Menu Covers
Split Bamboo Menus
Spunbond Menus
Strip Bamboo Menus
Textile Menu Covers
Water Hyacinth Menu
Wicker Menu Cover
Wood Menu Covers
Wood Mosaic Menus
Woven Bamboo Menu
Woven Hyacinth Menu
Woven Papyrus Menus

Dont see a what you need? Please review the following Custom Production information.

All P30 products may be customized to accent your property and meet your size, color, and design requirements.
In addition to the products listed in this site our parent company, PT Bali Global, is able to produce almost any custom production that you may require.

Over the last 12 years we and our partent Incorperations PT Bali Global and PT Pasti Enak have had the oportunity to produce some very unique items including, movie props, one of a kind works of art, keychains, and we even supply specialty building and accent materials to the construction and design fields.

This site features over 27 series of menu covers each with over 10 models so there are hundreds of stock designs to choose from or build off of. In addition to the standard menu cover designs that we offer we are also able to produce menu covers in - Genuine Leather, Artifical Leather, Metals such as Stainless Steal, Copper, Brass, and Digitaly Printed Materials.

If you are intersted in working with us on a custom project please feel free to contact us with your request. Contact P30

Who Are Our Customers

Our company plicy is to keep our customers projects private! For this reason you will not find pictures of menu covers and other hospitlaity products we have produce for our cutomers on this site.

Our customers include, outlets from some of the largest hotel chains in the world, independent resorts, hotels, multi outlet restaurant chains, stand alone restaurants, spas, bars, marketing profesionals, advertiing profesionals, realators and businesses. Any time that you need a high quality hospitlaity product you can rely on P30 to deliver artisticaly and skillfuly designed, exceptional quality products, in a timely manner!

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